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"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." — Mark Twain
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Who Are We?

Kokoro Group is a marketing & advertising agency with interests in diversified fields in health and wellness services. The group is made up of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professionals, creative experts and consultants, using modern methods in marketing & communications strategies, general well being advisory and events planning.

Our Services

Marketing and Advertising

  • Market research, data analytics and metrics measurements.
  • Modern methods of marketing & communications strategies.
  • Media buying, advertising and marketing plan (radio, print, billboards and digital).
  • Creative concepts, graphic design and branding in general.
  • Mobile marketing and digital strategies (web & mobile app development).

Our Services

Health and Wellness Consultants

  • Life coaching online program, career counselling and youth mentorship.
  • Pre- marital counselling, spiritual mentorship and sexual therapy consultation.
  • Physical fitness training, nutritional advise and general check ups.
  • Spa treatments, products and therapy.
  • Psychology consultancy.

Our Services

Events Planning

  • Product/PR launch.
  • Corporate cocktails, entertainment & catering services.
  • Events set up and set down.
  • Interactive marketing ideas and concepts.
  • On ground activations across all counties.
  • Promotions and ruffle mechanization.

Our Product


(Advertising Platform - Interface)
  • New innovation hyperlink for Mobile and Digital.
  • Its more efficient than a website or an App.
  • E-ticketing sales and coupon system.
  • Easily get analytical data/reports of your target audience and measure metrics effectively.


Use your WhatsApp or WhatsApp for business No. as a tool to share a hyperlink on your social media stories that the client can be redirected to advertisements and images of your product and services.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain

Value Proposition

  • Don't just Advertise - We use modern methods and strategies best to communicate your brand.
  • Know your target audience - Through data analytics, market research and market intelligence.
  • Expert Knowledge - Save money through consulting the right partners.


To be the distinctive brand in innovative solutions, advertising platfroms and wellness programs.


To be an inspiration of the philosophy of mind, body, spirit and soul being one through health and wellnes services.

Meet the Team

Our Contacts

Kokoro Group Limited
P.O.Box 44613-00100,
Nairobi Kenya.
Tel:+254 703 70 11 70 / +254 784 7001
Email: info@kokorogroup.co.ke
Website: www.kokorogroup.co.ke
Office: Auto Village Complex, Langata Road opp. Uhuru Gardens

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